Sep 14, 2015 An enjoyable warm late summer afternoon watching the steam trains coming and going at Bodmin General. G(WR)

56XX class 5619 0-6-2T shunts the trucks ready for the departure of the 14:30 Goods to Boscarne Junction to return at 15:10.

57XX class Pannier Tanks No.s 6435 and 6412 arrive with the 14:27 from Bodmin Parkway
GWR 42XX class 2-8-0T 4247 moves out and back onto the train to form the 15:07 to Bodmin Parkway returning as banker to the 15:27 up from Bodmin Parkway.

5619 runs round its goods train and shunts the trucks into the yard siding with that faint but unmistakable sound of wagon buffers clanking together.

5619 couples up to its train, the 16:00 to Boscarne Junction, whilst 4247 moves off and waits as station pilot, the train moves off and the pannier tanks move gently onto the shed for the night.

5619 returns noisily with the 16:24 from Boscarne Junction.

(The small track fire soon extinguished itself).

© Nick Dearden 2015

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